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Shredder for waste

Shredder for waste

Incoming waste proceed preliminary sorting.  Bulky waste, wood waste, construction waste, etc. are being selected firstly. Than this selected waste is being moved to shredding site, where waste is being crushed on the shredder.
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Basic parameters
Material for shredding Rubber, wood, Municipal solid waste
Number of shafts 2
Overload protection, automatic reverse (of each shaft) Yes
Power consumption 2x45 kW
Size of shredding chamber 1580x1030 mm
Productivity 5000 kg/h
Size of shredded material 50-200 mm
Number of disks 38
Material of discs Hardox 500
Number of blades on disc 3-4
Height of blade 60 mm
Width of disc 40 mm
Turns of 1st shaft 22-26 t/min
Turns o 2nd shaft 22-26 t/min
Amount of oil in 1 gearbox 28 liters
Overall size without hopper (WxLxH) 5480x2400x2200 mm
Size of hopper (WxLxH) 2500x2000x800 mm
Shredder weight 11100 kg
Diameter of disc 500 mm
Diameter of shaft 180 mm
Belt drive 10, 22x14 mm
Shaft length 1580 mm
Temperature conditions -20…+40 °C
Sample recording when ordering:

Shredder should be run-in without material during 5-7 minutes before shredding. At the same time, attention should be paid to the functioning of the blade elements and electrical equipment. After running in the absence of faults work can be started.

Bulky waste is loaded to the shredder using a conveyor or a crane. During operating it is necessary to constantly monitor the shredding process and pay close attention to the presence of foreign inclusions in waste (metal, stones, etc.). When detected, immediately make a temporary stop. At the end of the work, turn off the machine and visually inspect the shredder units.