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Pyrolysis unit for waste recycling

Pyrolysis unit for waste recycling

Megalion” group of companies manufactures equipment for sorting lines since 2010. Analysis of work in the field of waste recycling has shown a brewing problem with the depletion of resources of waste landfills, especially in densely populated areas of the country. The main reason is the absence of offers for implementation of cost-effective technologies in the waste-processing industry for deep recycling of “tailings” of sorting, which could greatly reduce the load on landfills. “Megalion” group of companies carried out research and development work to improve the well-known low-temperature pyrolysis technology applied to the processing of waste. As the result, a method of pyrolysis utilization of solid carbon-containing waste and waste utilization facility for its implementation have been developed and patented. The essence of this method lies in thermal effect on the waste without access of oxygen at adjusted temperature program until full decomposition of carbon-containing substances to gas and solid fractions with producing liquid fuel fractions and combustible gas is one technological cycle.

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Basic parameters
Type of utilized material “tailings” of waste sorting
Initial humidity of material no more than 50%
Maximum size of particle of material 150 mm
Productivity on material processing 8 – 10 t/day
Operation mode cyclic
Duration of production cycle 24 h
Operating pressure in the reactor no more than 0,05 MPa
Maximum temperature inside the reactor 450 °C
Number of wet steam cleaning stages no less than 3
The amount of liquid hydrocarbon fractions (over temperature boiling range) no less than 2
Volume of liquid hydrocarbon fractions* up to 1,5 m3/day
Volume of produced pyrolysis gas* up to 4000 nm3/day
Volume of produced carbonaceous residue* up to 1,2 m3/day
Volume of waste water* up to 5 m3/day
Sample recording when ordering:

In the information and technical reference book on the best available technologies, it is noted that drum rotating furnaces are widely used for incineration of solid and pasty industrial, household and medical waste and dehydrated sewage sludge. Drum rotating furnaces are the most universal thermal reactors for processing of lumpy waste of variable composition. Low-temperature dry pyrolysis at a temperature of 450-500 °C is one of the best technologies in the field of thermal disposal of solid waste.

This technology is used in the operation of pyrolysis unit “KPU Megalion-NP-2”, which contains two drum reactors, conveyor line for loading of material into reactors, steam-gas mixture condensation block, transporting system for carbonaceous residue unloading into accumulation bunker, fan cooling tower.

Steam-gas mixture (SGM) and solid carbonaceous residue are being produced as the result of thermo-chemical destruction of carbon-containing material in rotating reactor at the temperature of 300-450 °C without access of oxygen. During cooling of SGM in condensation block, there are being segregated liquid fuel fractions, then water and at the end combustible gas. Water is by-product, volume of which depends on humidity of input material.

During processing of waste on the sorting line, there are being selected ballast fractions with size less than 70-80 mm (high-humidity food waste, earth, street estimate), inorganic materials (metals, glass, construction garbage), chlorine-containing components. “Tailings” of sorting are being moved through shredder on conveyor line, from where to reactor loading unit. Gas or liquid fuel are supplied to the reactor burner. Material heating is being provided by transmitting of heat through pipe walls of internal thermal circuit of the reactor.

Materials are constantly turned by rotating of the reactor to increase efficiency of heat and mass transfer of substances. Hot carbon-containing residue is being unloaded in closed way after pyrolysis stage, when gas formation in the reactor stops.