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Press-compactor is designed to compact waste into container. Stationary compactor, which is used at waste sorting facilities, consists of press and removable container. Loading into press-compactor hopper can be done manually, from the ramp or the conveyor.

Waste, loaded into the hopper, enters the press chamber. By filling the chamber, press plate push waste in loading window of connected container, compacting waste. Waste compaction occurs the container filling.

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Basic parameters
Container volume from 20 to 37 м3
Pressing force from 25 tons
Pressing cycle duration from 30 sec
Power consumption from 5,5 kW
Maximal productivity Up to 192 m3/hour
Overall size (without container) length: 3 900 mm width:1 980 mm height: 2 165 mm
Sample recording when ordering:

Compactor consists of pressing unit (press) and container, in which processed waste accumulates. Pressing plate compresses and seals waste, pushing the compressed waste into a special waste container. While moving back, the plate grab next waste batch and processes in the same way. Accumulation container is being removed by hooklift hoists after filling. 

Waste for compacting could be loaded in press-compactor from the ramp, conveyor or special sleeves. Various types of waste (municipal and industrial waste, plastic, cardboard, polymers) could be can be processed on this equipment. Depends on size and power, compactors can be installed on recycling facilities, in shopping centers, warehouses, hotels, etc. 

Advantages of the press-compactors 

  • Waste has high level of chemical and fire safety after compaction;

  • Prevents dispersion of light components of waste over big are;

  • Decreases territory of landfill due to decreasing of waste volume;

  • Compacted waste in the form of recyclables are accepted by companies, which processing recyclables.

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