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Horizontal presses

Horizontal presses

Horizontal presses are part of waste sorting equipment facility equipment. Choice of press band depends on several indicators: price, productivity, pressing force, size of pressed bale, degree of automation, etc.  
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Basic parameters
Pressing force from 30 to 100 and more tons
Press cycle duration from 8 sec
Power consumption from 15 to 55 and more kW
Bale size length: up to 1100 mm width: up to 1100 mm height: up to 1200 mm
Bale weight (depends on density of the material) from 250 kg
from 250 kg Automatic and semiautomatic
Overall size length: up to 12900 mm width: up to 4160 mm height: up to 3650 mm
Sample recording when ordering:

General technical features of horizontal automatic press:

  1. automatic processes of pressing, wrapping and blowout of bale;

  2. system of cutting off of incoming material;

  3. automatically adjustable pressure in the channel;

  4. automatically adjustable length of bale;

  5. software electronic control device,

  6. low noise level;

  7. wrapping of bale by metal wire in tree levels;

  8. loading is possible during pressing process and blowout of bale;

  9. availability of manual (from the control panel) adjustment of the bale length;

  10. high level of safety. Protect covers, blocking at opened doors for access to wrapping wire.

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