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Mobile waste sorting facilities

Mobile waste sorting facilities

Mobile waste sorting facility (MWSF) designed for autonomous operational sorting of waste at places, where building of stationary waste sorting facility is impossible or impractical (closed or unauthorized landfills, temporary waste accumulation sites, etc.)
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Mobile waste sorting facilities
Basic parameters
Type mobile - on chassis
Sorting technology automated
Fine fraction separation automatic
Waste flow leveling before the separator automatic
Number of pair posts of manual sorting 4
Climatic cabin, “standart” type yes
Sorting platform yes
Ferrous metals separation automatic
Semi-trailer truck (option)
Estimate productivity up to 8 tons of waste per hour (determined by manipulator productivity).
Operating distance of manipulator up to 8 meters
Load capacity of manipulator at maximum distance 1330 kg.
Power consumption up to 30 kW
Overall size in transporting position correspond to the current standarts of Russian Federation
Sample recording when ordering:

Sorting module conteins:

  • Semi-trailer

  • Hopper-dispenser

  • Fine fractin separator

  • Conveyor equipment

  • Climatic cabin

  • Magnetic separator

  • Containers for recuclables

  • Control cabinet

  • Frame construction for equipment installation

  • Autonomous power station (optional) 

Semi-trailer, on which sorting equipment is installed, is being transported by semi-trailer truck to the work site. Mobile sorting facility includes second truck with manipulator and semi-trailer, which transports additional equipment and technic (mini-loader, autonomous power station, press equipment, utility rooms, etc.).

Mobile facility preparing to work includes following operations:

  • Installation of semi-trailer on the stops;

  • Manual extension of the conveyor of removing of “tailings” of sorting on sled and installation of it on supports;

  • Extension of the conveyor of removing of “tailings” of first type from under fine fraction separator and installation on supports;

  • Installation of dumpings for selected useful fractions and movable containers;

  • Connection of the complex to the power supply;

  • Preparation of the site for collection of waste, pressing of recyclables and “tailings” of sorting. 

Front-end loader moves waste to waste collection site. Manioulator grabs waste and moves it to the hopper-dispenser. This hopper forms waste layer to the required thickness and loads it to the fine fraction separator. Fine fraction separator separates material less than 80 mm (“tailings” of sorting of first type) and provides dosed loading to the sorting conveyor. “Tailings” offirst type are being pour onto the ground from under fine fraction separator by removing conveyor. Front-end loader moves “tailings” to accumulation site, where from “tailings” would be loaded into containers by the manipulator.

Fine fraction separator has a mechanism for openning bags. Due to this mechanism, waste is shaken out as it procceed along the working surface of the rotary separator and fine fraction is automatically sifted.

Remaining on fine fraction separator waste is being loaded to the sorting conveyor. There are 4 workplaces of sorters on each side along the sorting conveyor. Sorters select required useful fractions from the waste flow and drop them into storage hopper (containers or big-bags). Remains of waste – “tailings” of sorting are poured out onto the ground by retractable conveyor. Poured remains of waste are moved aside with front-end loader as it accumulates.

Containers or big-bags with selected useful fractionsare transported to press site by truck.