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Waste flow leveler

Waste flow leveler is designed to provide uniform (with an adjusted height) placement of waste flow on loading conveyor. This could increase quality of big objects selection and improves screening of fine fractions on fine fraction separation and increase manual sorting line efficiency
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Basic parameters
Productivity up to 50 m3/h
Overall size (width х length х height) 1626х2399х1440 mm
Width of working surface 1070 mm
Power consumption 3,0 kW
Weight 1017 kg
Sample recording when ordering:

Waste flow leveler consists of frame (welded construction), where to drum with gear-motor is being installed. There are arm, installed to the opposite sides of the frame. This arm regulates height of drum setting by regulator, screed and flywheel.

Waste flow leveler is being set up under loading conveyor. Loaded on loading conveyor waste flow have uneven height, and waste, which higher than set level, is being thrown back, therevy making the layer of a certain thickness.

Waste flow leveler - схема 1