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Rotary separator

Fine fraction separator designed for selecting ballast fraction (priming, street estimate, food waste) with size less than 70-80 mm, what causes increasing of sorting quality. There are being used automatic separators – drum screens or rotary (disk) separators. Purified from fine fraction waste flow is sent on a belt conveyor along sorters, which selects recyclable.
Rotary separator is designed for waste separation. Waste separation is occurs by mechanical separating small (fine) fraction and large fraction of waste, when waste moves along rotating disks.
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Basic parameters
Length of separating surface 4000 mm, 6000 mm, 8000 mm
Size of separated (ballast) fractions less than 60x60 mm, 70x70 mm, 80x80 mm (selects by agreement with the customer)
Drive power 5,5 kW, 7,5 kW, 10 kW (depends on length of separating surface)
Separation with this equipment has several advantages Less size and weight at the same efficient and productivity; simplicity of a design and high reliability; easy to maintain;
Sample recording when ordering:

Material is being separated using rotation of triangular-shaped disks, mounted on rolls-shafts with a certain arrangement step. During the rotation of the rollers with disks, material is shaken up and the fines are separated from large fraction.

Design of rotary separator has two dumplings: frontal and lower. Frontal dumpling is placed at the end part of the separator and serves for directed transfer of large fraction to the sorting conveyor. Lower dumpling is placed under rotating rolls and serves to catch and directed pouring of fine fraction to the discharge conveyor. Waste is being loaded from top to bottom at the front of separator.

Frequency converter is being used for electronic adjustment of number of turns. According to that, separator can operates in various speed modes and react on complexity of material separation and moving along the surface of separator. In according to this, an optimal mode of operation is selected for waste of different composition and structure.

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