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PET perforator

PET perforator is designed for piercing the PET bottles before pressing.
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Basic parameters
Productivity Up to 5 t/h
Working units rotation speed 14 t/min
Size (width х length х height) 1100х940х355 mm
Size of loading area (width х length) 610х590 mm
Power consumption 2х2,2 kW
Weight 355 kg
Sample recording when ordering:

PET perforator consists of working units: drums with removable spikes, which rotates in bearing supports in opposite directions. Drums are placed in body and rotated by gear-motors. Gear-motors are mounted on drum shafts and are attached to the frame by reactive rods.

PET perforator could be installed under cell of sorting conveyor or in hopper of horizontal press.

PET perforator - схема 1