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Drum screen

Fine fraction separator designed for selecting ballast fraction (priming, street estimate, food waste) with size less than 70-80 mm, what causes increasing of sorting quality. There are being used automatic separators – drum screens or rotary (disk) separators. Purified from fine fraction waste flow is sent on a belt conveyor along sorters, which selects recyclable.

Drum screen is designed for separation of various materials, such as municipal solid waste, construction waste, compost, etc.

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Basic parameters
Length of drum working surface 4400 mm, 6000 mm, 10000 mm
Size of screening from 20х20 mm to 180х180 mm (selected by agreement with the customer)
Rotation speed 10-18 turns/min
Drum incline
Drive power 15 kW
Clearing rotating brush diameter 550 mm, drive power 1,5 kW
Sample recording when ordering:

Loading into drum screen is provided by loading conveyor. As the drum rotates waste moves along it due to the angle of inclination. Fine fraction is sieved through sieves, which may have different cells. If spikes are installed, small number of bags would be fully opened. This requires installing of bag opener before drum screen.

Depending on length of drum, drum screen could separate waste to two, three or four fractions/

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