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Bag opener

Bag opener is designed to open bags with waste and shaking out, what increases productivity of sorters and quality of manual selection of useful fractions.
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Basic parameters
Productivity up to 50 m3/h
Size (width х length х height) 1840х1825х1315 mm
Size of loading window 1200х1030 mm
Power consumption 9,0 kW
Weight 2800 kg
Sample recording when ordering:

Bag opener usually installs under cell of presorting post. Bag opener consists of welded frame, where two drums with removable knifes. Sorters at the opposite sides of sorting conveyor take bags and drop them in dumpling, leading to bag opener. Drums rotate towards each other. Bags are torn by knives and waste wakes down on the conveyor. Bag opener has automatic protection against falling of bulky waste.