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Ballistic separator

Ballistic separators separate waste of various compositions to tree fractions. Paddles throws waste forward and up. Individual physical characteristics of waste components define their flight path, what leads to separation of waste. Thus high-precision separation of waste into light and heavy, flat and volumetric, large and small, etc., is carried out. In addition, waste is freed from dust. Due to possibility to change the angle of inclination of the paddles and smooth change in speed without stop, separation characteristics could be changed at any time in accordance with changeable composition of waste.

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Basic parameters
Volume weight of waste 50-150 kg/m3
Productivity 90 m3/h
Separation accuracy appox. 90%
Sieve 50 х 50 mm
Sifting area 17,4 m2
Number of puddles 8
Length of puddles 6300 mm
Width of puddles 338 mm
Working width 2700 mm
Overall width 7100 mm
Overall heigh 1500 mm
Adjustable angle from 12° to 20°
Weight 6 tons
Rotation speed 0 – 200 r/min
Power consumption 13 kW
Sample recording when ordering:

Ballistic separator separates material to three flows in according to physical qualities of various components. Material enters an inclined flat work surface, so called sieve screen, making rotating moves. Rotation imparts an impulse to each single fragment, which leads them into a flying movement in accordance with weight, shape, center of gravity and other characteristics. Thus, material separation to 2D and 3D fractions is being provided.

Flight path of light and flat materials (such as paper, polyethylene film and textile) is flat and short. This fraction is sent through screen surface to a special bunker or to appropriate conveyor. During the movement, the materials of this fraction are repeatedly thrown up, which creates an additional effect of cleaning from dust and dirt.

Volumetric and heavy objects roll backwards and downwards due to gravity. Heavy fraction (mainly stones, metals and tanks) accumulate in lower part of the screen and are sent to a special container or to a conveyor.

Screen surface is perforated. Due to this screening is carried out. The diametr of the holes is chosen depending on the needs of the customer.

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