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Grooved belt conveyors

Grooved belt conveyors

Grooved belt conveyor is designed to move waste in horizontal plane or from one level to another. The perpendicular cut of the belt have the form of concave line, which ensures steady movement of belt along conveyors with high length.
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Basic parameters
Speed of the conveyor 0,1 - 0,5 m/s
Maximum distributed mass of waste per running meter of the conveyor up to 150 kg/m
Maximum conveyors productivity up to 50 t/h
Working width of the conveyor 900 mm
Power consumption 3 kW
Support on the workshop floor (foundation need) without foundation
Sample recording when ordering:

Traction and carrying unit of “Megalion” group of companies’ belt conveyor is rubber-fabric multi-layer belt with thickness 8-10 mm.

Belt conveyor is mountable-demountable metallic construction, which consists of welded sections, bolted to each other. Drive drum, driven by cylinder-conical gearmotor, is located at a head part of the conveyor. Tension drum is located at the tail end of the conveyor.

Drums are rolled by endless belt, which slides on the upper smooth rolls and supported by lower rolls with disks.

The conveyor is being supported by several support sites in operating position. Number of these sites depends on length of the conveyor.

Drive and tension sections have a pair of deflection rollers, which prevent side moving of the belt while operating.

When gearmotor is turned on, the torque is transmitted to drive drum of the belt conveyor. This drum sets in motion belt, on which transported material is being loaded and moves along it.

Features of “Megalion” belt conveyours: 

  1. Painting is carried out with polyurethane paint in two coats. Coating have high anticorrosive properties, resistance to weathering, sea and fresh water. The resulting coating allowes the equipment to be washed using high-pressure systems of the “Kerher” type, does’t fade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

  2. Conveyor sides are bended and have welded reinforcement ribs.

  3. The support of the belt – roller support – significantly reduces the wear of the belt back side and makes operation in a cold season easier.

  4. Gear-motors are cylinder-conical, production - Italy.

  5. The coating of conveyors working surface is a rubber-fabric multi-layer belt with a thickness of 8-10 mm. Belt surface – smooth or “chevron” type.

  6. Bearing units are ASAHY (production – Japan) or similar to them.

  7. Clearing devices of external and internal surfaces of the belt.

  8. При изготовлении используется устойчивая к низким температурам сталь 09Г2С.

  9. Steel 09G2S is used at manufacturing. This steel is resistant to low temperatures.

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