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Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyor is designed to load waste on the sorting line and to transport material at a large angle. Usually chain conveyor is Z-shaped, loading part is placed in a pit. Waste is being loaded on chain conveyor with front-end loader, which moves waste in pit. From there waste is being transported on the sorting line. Loading part of the chain conveyor is 40 centimeters in deep. During loading, sorters, which stay at the opposite sides from loading conveyor, are manually select bulky waste.
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Basic parameters
Speed of the conveyor up to 1 m/s
Maximum distributed mass of waste per running meter of the conveyor up to 1000 kg/m
Maximum conveyors productivity up to 50 tons/h
Working width of the conveyor 1070 (870) mm
Tilt angle up to 45°
Power consumption 5,5 kW
Support on the workshop floor (foundation need) with foundation
Availability of pit yes/no
Sample recording when ordering:

Traction unit of “Megalion” chain conveyor is chain; carrying unit is metal profile with complex configuration.

Two types of coating:

  1. Rubber-fabric multi-layer belt with thickness 8-10 mm;

  2. Metal plates. 

Chain conveyor is mountable-demountable metallic construction, which consists of welded sections, bolted to each other. Drive shaft, driven by cylinder-conical gearmotor, is located at a head part of the conveyor. Tension damping shaft is located at the tail end of the conveyor. This tension damping shaft ensures uniform tension of the traction unit and its overload protection. Demountable chains are go around sprockets on this shafts and lean on upper and lower raceways. Chains are traction unit and provide motion of carrying flooring. Carrying flooring consists of rubber-fabric belt and metal carrying corners. The conveyor is supported by several supports, number of which depends on length of inclined part of the conveyor. Boards prevent waste from spilling and provides equal layer of transported material on the conveyor.

Features of “Megalion” chain conveyors: 

  1. Painting is carried out with polyurethane paint in two coats. Coating has high anticorrosive properties, resistance to weathering, sea and fresh water. The resulting coating allows the equipment to be washed using high-pressure systems of the “Kerher” type, doesn’t fade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Paint is produced in Russia according to the Finnish recipe.

  2. Conveyor sides are bended and have welded reinforcement ribs.

  3. Carrying profile is reinforced bended, 4 bends.

  4. Gear-motors are cylinder-conical, production - Italy.

  5. Removable chain raceways. This significantly increases the maintainability of conveyors.

  6. Seal on chain conveyors is labyrinth-type. It prevents liquid and fine solid fractions of waste from entering internal area of conveyor, especially on chains and drive sprockets.

  7. The coating of conveyors working surface is a rubber-fabric multi-layer belt with a thickness of 8-10 mm with sides along the edges of the tape for realization of labyrinth-type seal. Belt surface is smooth.

  8. Bearing units are ASAHY (production – Japan) or similar to them.

  9. Spring-screw (damping) tension unit is used is design. This unit prevents chain seizure and its breaks in case of sudden overloads and increases chain life by 25%.

  10. Steel 09G2S is used at manufacturing. This steel is resistant to low temperatures.